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Way of
and hope

Organismo Mundial de Cursillos de Cristiandad OMCC.
Sede México 2018-2021
Marzo de 2020


Life continues to give us the opportunity to renew ourselves, to reinvent our way of relating to others; In this health emergency that our planet suffers, they present us with the prevention strategy that is identified as social distance. I pause a bit on that preventive indication and the opportunity it means for us Christians and Cursillistas.

Social distance is not being apart. Let us remember that workshops come as a method of evangelization for those far away, and today the historical opportunity that God presents us is to shorten the distances, to be creative in finding our ways of communication and relationship with others.

t is already pointed out by Fundamental Ideas 3, numeral 13 that refers to the beginning of the Movement, and raises the urgent need to reach the environments.

Today in our environments we can breathe - sadly - fear, anguish, uncertainty, and also disbelief about the urgent need to pray, to approach the Lord to ask for his mercy.

Today we unite in prayer and look at life with hope, and in this special OMCC newsletter we share some reflections that will allow us to continue from home, taking care of our personal and family health and well-being. I am certain, like you, that prayer is powerful and when two or three gather in my name, there I am. The International Groups are united in diversity, walking together in prayer with hope placed in the Lord.

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Latin American



North America and Caribbean



At that time, Azariah prayed to the Lord, saying: "Lord, our God, never abandon us; for the honor of your name do not break your covenant; do not take your mercy from us, by Abraham, your friend ... (Daniel 3, 25. 34-43).

This alliance is our strength, it is the bridge of eternal communication with our Father God, He who is poured out in mercy is present to look at us with love, to embrace us in the face of difficulties, like the one we are experiencing today. Let's ask: Do not forsake us, my God! Deliver us with your wonderful power.

Pope Francis invites us to ask for the most vulnerable, for those who live in inner solitude and fear, we must let him know of our closeness, through prayer. We pray to the Lord for those who suffer physically or emotionally.

I invoke you, my God, give me your answer ... His Holiness pointed out: "If you agree, ask for a grace and it will be granted."

I summon to a day of prayer, dear brothers of the International Groups, the National and Diocesan Secretariats, and their ecclesiastical advisers to spread this message of the way of prayer and hope. Let's all make a call together to take care of our health, act responsibly, collaboratively and propose creative ways to stay connected to our family and use the technology that God has put at our service.

Receive my blessing and brotherly greetings.

Way of prayer

and hope





  • Morning and evening prayer

  • Prayer of the Way of the Cross

  • Holy Mass (through YouTube in the Vatican News broadcast, or on Facebook, by local TV according to the disposition of each country and city.

  • Prepare yourself, your house and your space to participate in the Eucharist transmitted by electronic means.

  • Spiritual communion

  • Prayer of the Holy Rosary

  • Prayers: Psalm, Gospel, personal prayers.

  • Meditation on the word of God.

  • Invocation to the Holy Spirit.

  • 5 minutes from the Holy Spirit.

  • Sabbath Congratulation Prayer to Our Mother Virgin Mary

  • Angelus / Regina Coeli


When you read, read the best books


  • Collaborate with your neighbor, with your community, with your city.

  • Keep informed about the indications to prevent any risky action.

  • Family prayer Virtual meetings through Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp.

  • It is staying at home, accepting that these days the speed of daily life decreased.

Let's discover new ways of living together

In prayer with His Holiness Pope Francis.

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