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Cursillos is a Catholic Movement that has its identity, charisma, method, essence, and purpose.


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35 years ago I did my Cursillo, I was 33 years old, happily married, with two children and a little woman on the way. The Cursillo was like a box full of surprises, everything that was said made sense to me, I liked everything, I was a man who sought mass and daily communion from my youth. It was easy for me to believe what my leaders told us.In that Cursillo I literally met Christ Jesus, the joy I experienced was enormous, not only because of the spiritual peace that is received, I also felt a renewed confidence to undertake some apostolates. It was clear to me that God is vomiting the lukewarm, I decided to take the tripie to my diary, I wasIt made the study part a bit difficult, since in my entire professional career I had only bought one book. And reading was not one of my habits. But little by little I acquired a taste for reading. And with the complete tripie it has been easier for me to do the life task: “Love God and the neighbor".

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda Martínez, Cursillo 182

Monterrey, México


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