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APG NEWS (August, 2019)

“Make a friend, be a friend, bring your friend to Christ"

Greetings Dear Friends, It has been a great joy to receive communication from some of you since our last Newsletter in June. Reading your news in the emails you send, gives us a sense that we are truly a community, growing closer to each other and to God. While those of us who were able to attend the 22nd APG Encounter last April enjoyed the experience of meeting each other face to face, written news is also very important, allowing us to follow your activities through the year.

Some of the news we have received is shared here for your interest.

KOREA: It is wonderful to hear that Korean Cursillo has appointed a new Spiritual Advisor in Rev. John the Apostle Kim and a new International Director in Agatha Lee. We very much look forward to working closely with them, so please pray for them in their new roles. THE

PHILIPPINES: Reports have been received from President Conrado Dizon about the very

successful workshops on Renewal in Cursillo that have been held in different parts of the country, most recently in June. The next workshop will be in September. They are

holding their first National Assembly 20th-22nd August and they would appreciated your prayers for these events. This photo is of Workshop participants in the Archdioceses of Cebu.

AUSTRALIA: Australia is preparing for their annual National Secretariat Meeting and Workshop from 31 August to 1 September. There will be an election for new office bearers. Please pray that people will generously step up to take on the important work of Cursillo in Australia.

GUAM: Fr John Armstrong has received news through the Guam Spiritual Advisor Fr Joel de los Reyes, that Guam Cursillo continues to be active, holding Three Day weekends recently.

TAIWAN: Renewal courses will be held in in each diocese to assist Cursillistas.

Utreya in Taipei Diocese

SRI LANKA: Cursillistas in Sri Lanka have appreciated your prayers and palanca as they contribute to the restoration of their country, after the terrible massacre at Easter this year.

Utreya in Taipei Diocese.

OMCC WEBSITE: We have received a request from the OMCC to send news and photos of our APG member countries for their website. We have collated a series of summaries and images from your recent annual reports and sent them, in both English and Spanish. We hope that these will be available soon and able to be read on the new website under construction at

OMCC SECOND ORDINARY MEETING: Currently we are preparing to attend this meeting, which will be hosted by the USA in Chicago from 25-28 September 2019. It will be an opportunity to consolidate some of the issues raised at the First Ordinary Meeting in Mexico last year and to consider any new matters relevant to International Cursillo. Please keep us in your prayers. In order to enable us to represent your interests effectively, please advise us by 15 August if you would like us to raise any issues for the agenda.

APG FINANCE: Thank you sincerely to those countries which have already paid contributions to the APG this year. Without the generous support of all countries within our Asia Pacific Group, we will not be able to represent you effectively. During the next two years of our term as the APG Executive, and in the spirit of service for which we were chosen, it is our intention to focus on the many needs of the countries in our region, and when asked, to provide assistance in any way we can.

A message from Fr John:

When we set out on a journey three questions are written large on our hearts: where are we going, who will accompany us and what do we seek? These are questions which we often engage with when planning holidays, seeking to make a significant life decision or deciding where we will live. Yet we probably answer these questions each day without considering the small things which can shape who we are called to become. The fact that they are so familiar and second nature to us can blind us at times to how God may be present in our daily lives. The importance of the ability to reflect on where we are with God in our prayer, where we encounter God in our environment and how God prompts us to act is at the centre of who we seek to become.

In group reunion, we recognise that when we are called to focus on how God draws us together with each other our perspective changes. It helps us to listen with the ears of the heart and we can discover how God is seeking to be with us in our daily lives. This is where this weekly focus is not a burden placed upon us but rather a revelation that God can be at work in the ordinary events of daily life. It is a time of encouragement when we feel discouraged; a sign of hope when we find it difficult to see beyond our immediate concerns and an impetus to reach out when we feel that all our work depends upon us. In all things, grace builds on nature.

God helps us to experience how each moment communicates the grandeur of creation which draws us into the mystery of the incarnation. We are not alone on the journey as pilgrims we find a God who walks with us, listens to our story and draws us to break bread. We are not called to make this journey on our own.

Until next time, we hold you all in our minds and hearts in appreciation of your friendship and for all that you do in spreading the Gospel in your countries. May we all continue to proclaim the living Christ and to announce the Good News that God loves us.

Keeping you in prayer as always, we send you a heart-felt De Colores!

Margaret Morris


Asia Pacific Group

Cursillos in Christianity

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