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The task of the OMCC (Continued...)

The image of St. Paul the Apostle at the entrance to this silent enclosure is striking, highlighting the importance of this great missionary apostle, as a model and challenge to guide the evangelizing force of this ecclesial movement.


The fundamental themes have been: explanation of the mission of the World Organization of the MCC as a link of unity throughout the world and promoting communion in schools and secretariat. In addition, the knowledge and collaboration with the Diocesan Plan of pastoral, which entails communion with priests and Bishop. The urgent theme of formation and the need for spiritual direction, without which there is no growth.


Of particular importance we consider to emphasize the ecclesiastical of the movement, in such a way that any proposal that attempts against the communion and the instructions and orientations approved by the Holy See, it is necessary to make a discernment in the light of fundamental Ideas and to go to the World Organization that It has, among other objectives: "To promote the unity of understanding of the essentials of the MCC worldwide and to maintain the movement in fidelity to the Church and the Magisterium, to preserve the MCC in its fidelity to its charism and the 'Fundamental Ideas Book of the Movement of Cursillos' (IFMC), fruit of the World Meetings and official expression of the Cursillo Movement, as well as the conclusions of the World Encounters "(STCC of the OMCC, Article 3 a, b, c).

This is the service that we carry out with joy and missionary attitude, following the paths of the mission in the Church, in those countries of the world where the movement has been blessed by the Bishops and guided by their spiritual advisers.

On this visit we will participate in the Cursillo de Cursillos, which aims to revitalize the movement and give it an evangelizing dynamism, enlightened by the Word of God, the Magisterium and Fundamental Ideas 3. Aware of the unity in the prayer of the MCC and the strength of the spiritual lever, we trust that God will bear many spiritual and pastoral fruits.


      ¡De colores!

     +Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez

        Bishop of Querétaro and Ecclesiastical Advisor of the OMCC

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