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Organization of coordination and service of the Cursillo Movement of Christianity worldwide.

Inspiring principle


Take into account the pastoral plans of the Universal Church and the indications of the Holy See, always remaining faithful to the particular charism of the MCC and the Canonical Statute issued by the Holy See.


Preserve the MCC in its fidelity and charisma and the book of Fundamental Ideas


  • Unity

  • Cooperation

  • Friendship


  1. Promote the unity of understanding of the essentials of MCC worldwide.

  2. Maintain the MCC in its fidelity to the Church and its Magisterium

Purposes of the Official Site of the OMCC

1. Custodians of information related to the
Cursillo Movement: its
Identity, charisma,
essence, purpose and

2. Collect, organize and publish information related to the MCC, always referenced to Fundamental Ideas 3.

3. Promote the
study, learning
and personal
training of our

4. Promote
the life of the
Movement in
the world.

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