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Working on the development of these three Cursillo de Cursillo from IFMCC3, scheduled for this year.

Guatemala already developed and in history and hearts (convened the 8 countries of the North, Central America and the Caribbean)


Now we are going to Ecuador (Bolivarian Group, which summons 5 Countries)
In this way we come to respond to this second year of management as programmed in our Navigation Charter for these 4 years, whose accents are: (UNIT, COMMUNION, PARTICIPATION and TRAINING).
To finish in Uruguay with the other 5 countries that make up the Cono Sur group.
In this way we will have mobilized the 18 countries that make up the GLCC

In the school of leaders of the diocese of Antofagasta, a young leader giving us the theme Light, camera and action


Cursillo de Cursillos IFMCC3 in Quito, Ecuador, July 4-7, 2019

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