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Participation in the Holy Mass must be:

1. Conscious. It is Christ himself alive who is present (bread lowered from heaven). It is necessary to respect the moment, without distracting or letting our imagination fly.

2. Pious. We have to be in continuous communication with God. May we dedicate those moments totally to God, not to our problems, projects, concerns or people who are at our side with the comment out of place.

3. Active. There are many ways to participate: singing, expressing your joy by praising the Lord (not being ashamed), paying attention to the Word of God; answering what touches the assembly (strongly the Amen, etc.).

4. Commune. But only after having reconciled or had no mortal sin (try today!).

Cheer up! Let Grace's life be your hallmark, in your work, your family, your amusements.

The Lord also awaits you in the Tabernacle. Visit him. Even briefly, put your life in your hands, in short, you are theirs.

Fear not, the Lord is with you!

+ Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez

Archbishop of Durango
OMCC Ecclesiastical Advisor

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