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At the National level we are successful in holding National Encounters every two years. The next one will be held in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese in 2020.

The National Secretariat, in conjunction with our annual meeting, conducts Leaders' Workshops for training and updating Diocesan movements.

Attendance at World Encounters, World Ultreyas and Conversations in Mallorca has helped to keep the Australian National Secretariat well informed as we endeavor to stay true to the Charism of the Cursillo Movement.


Internationally, Australia continues to take on leadership roles and keep in touch with world bodies. In 2010-2013 Australia served as the OMCC Executive Committee and 2018 -2021 as the Asia Pacific Executive.

National Secretariat Australia.JPG




The Cursillo Movement recently celebrated the golden jubilee of its presence in South Korea with local members affirming their dedication to renewing the church and the spreading of Christian values.


Some 4,700 'Cursillistas' attended a 'Ultreya' gathering at a gymnasium in Seoul's Olympic Park on Oct. 28 where the jubilee was celebrated.


Auxiliary Bishop Benedict Son of Seoul presides over the golden jubilee Mass for the Cursillo Movement in Korea on Oct. 28 at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Olympic Park, Seoul.





Following a National consultation and after many years without a National Secretariat, a new set of officers were chosen and elected to the Philippines National Secretariat for the period 2018-2021. Inspired by Study of the Charism, the renewal of the Cursillo Movement is now beginning to happen. Three workshops have taken place to begin this process. The long-term goal is a renewal of Cursillo Leaders in existing dioceses and the establishment of Schools of Leaders and Secretariats in Archdioceses or Dioceses where Cursillo is not yet available.


In the 55 years since Cursillo came to Sri Lanka, the Movement has expanded into 7 diocese and five weekends each year are now conducted in English, Sinhala and Tamil., with two bi-lingual Retreats (in English and Sinhala) being held. They have held 52 Cursillo Conventions, one each year with Cursillistas attending from all across the island. Among their plans for the future is a Youth program to attract young people in the ‘Year of the Youth’ and strengthening of their 17 Ultreyas held monthly. They also plan to hold a Cursillo Leaders’ Workshop, now that things are getting back to normal in their country following the attacks.



There are two cursillo movements in South Korea: the Korean-language movement that thrives in most parishes throughout the country and the English-language movement that operates wholly within American military installations scattered throughout South Korea. Both groups exist and operate independently of each other. The US Military Cursillo is endorsed by the United States Archdiocese for Military Services, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Its members are drawn from the ranks of men and women who serve in South Korea in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. It may also include adult family members of servicemen and women as well as civilian employees of the United States Department of Defense. The first English-speaking military Cursillo was held for men in Seoul in 1979. The first military Cursillo for women was held in 1980. A small group of longtime Cursillistas continue to hold monthly Ultreyas in Seoul at Yongsan Garrison where the military Cursillo was born.. Our military Cursillo, must soon re-establish itself in a different and much larger military installation. The population of these communities is forever shifting, with service members and civilians constantly arriving and leaving. We need to identify more Cursillistas in our military communities.




Cursillo No.:147,male , No.: 133 female will be held on July, 2019 in Hwa Len Diocese. There will be a Spring Camp for all Spiritual Directors in Taiwan next year. It would make the spiritual directors to rekindle their zeal to serve the CM Taiwan. On 13-14 September, 2019, we will have an Ultreya for CM Taiwan in Shin-Zu Diocese. 





Taiwan National Secretariat has intended to dedicate the promotion of CM in overseas Chinese communities. Since May 1990, Cursillios in Chinese language has been promoted in Northern America. Among them, a secretariat in Toronto, Canada has become the eighth branch of Taiwan with about 500 Cursillistas. And there will be a cursillo No.: 37 on Agust 2-5, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Some of the Cursillistas from Taiwan will go serve in the Cursillo .


Chinese Cursillo No: 33, in Canada



In 2017 the Vietnamese Cursillo Movement organised an Ultreya at La Vang to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Cursillo Movement in Vietnam. They have now released the Yearbook – 50 years of Cursillo in Vietnam. The National Secretariat meets 4 times a year and they hold an inter-diocesan Ultreya 3 times a year. Cursillo now operates in 13 of the 27 diocese of Vietnam and they plan to introduce Cursillo to the 14 other diocese in the near future.

Vietnamese Cursillo Movement Encounter in 2019


Plans for the future are the establishment of the Vietnam in Diaspora Movement in New Zealand and New Caledonia. We are praying, offering Palanca and keeping in touch with the Bishops Conference of Vietnam for Cursillo activities. Regular Ultreyas and School of Leaders are held in local regions of Australia. We are encouraging representatives of Vietnam in Diaspora and Vietnam Mainland to meet together in the future.


Ultreya of the Vietnamese Cursillo in Diaspora, Sydney Australia

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