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Cursillos is a Catholic Movement that has its identity, charisma, method, essence, and purpose.


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The mission of the Church demands an outgoing Movement, capable of going beyond its own confines, measuring them not with the restriction of human calculations or with the fear of being wrong, but with the wide measure of the merciful heart of God. You can work for an evangelization to be fruitful in the environments if we stay open. If we are closed, in the "comfortable pastoral criterion of" this has always been done" , "without"  being bold and creative in this duty to rethink the objectives, structures, style and evangelizing methods of the communities themselves" (Francisco , Exhort, Evangelii Gaudium, 33).

This site is a permanent meeting place, to be united in diversity. We are all invited to participate and be part of this communion. We entrust ourselves to the God of Life, to our Mother Mary Most Holy and to Saint Paul the Apostle, Universal Patron of the Cursillos.

De colores!!

Juan Adolfo Moguel Ortiz

Mons. Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez

The Cursillo is a Movement of the Catholic Church. This experience was born
in Spain in the 1940s.

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+Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez

Bishop of Querétaro and Ecclesiastical Advisor of the OMCC

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+Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez

Bishop of Querétaro and Ecclesiastical Advisor of the OMCC

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Juan Adolfo Mogel Ortiz

President OMCC